Photography and the art of transforming emotions into images

The slightly different picture-maker among photographers in Meran

“For me, photography means capturing my surroundings, the things around me, in the way that I see them. When I’m taking photographs everything else goes on hold for a period of time.
I love the power of photos, the stories they tell and the fantasies that they evoke in those who look at them. And because I love photos that really express something, I spend time preparing a concept for each of my photo shootings so that each and every photo will be something very special.
Most of all I enjoy making artistic portraits with unique concepts or stories to tell, or holding shoots in unusual, eccentric places. I use the power of the moment, so that the scenes that I capture with my camera are very personal. I aim to lend my own signature style to each and every photo I create.”
Lisa Renner, 2015

At the tender age of nine, Lisa Renner wrote in her journal that her dream job would be to be a photographer. Snapping and sketching have been a constant in her life.
Today, the woman from Ulten is rarely seen without her camera: She would sooner forget her handbag than her Nikon camera.
After studying business and tourism with a specialization in graphic design Lisa has been intensely devoted to the art of photography, putting heart and soul into her work. Since June 2015 she has been working as an independent / freelance photographer in Meran specializing in portraits.

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